Michael Tunney

Michael Tunney

Michael has been a financial partner in the Tunney Groups since 2015.  His passion for real estate started back in 2004 when he helped restore vintage bank buildings by turning them into high-end restaurants.  Seeing a dilapidated building transform into a popular destination was not only fulfilling, it also gave him an education on all the trades that go into a proper build.  His obsession Real Estate Development has grown ever since.


In 2013, he took a brief pause from Real Estate to pursue an interest in product design in the consumer goods industry.  Throughout that time he has been awarded 20+patents in different fields which led to over $200MM in lifetime product sales (you might even have one of his products in your pocket right now). This experience provided invaluable knowledge in digital marketing and international sourcing which he brings to the Tunney Group developments.   Sourcing as many materials and components directly from the factory ensures our customers and partners see the most value possible.


When Michael is not sketching up new projects in his notebook, he can be found hiking and listening to yet another audiobook.   With a passion for backpacking that developed when he was younger, he has explored over 90 countries and loves learning about new cultures and experiences.  There has never been a dark chocolate bar he didn’t like.

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